Interiors of St. Basil's Cathedral

There is nothing more iconic about Russia than St. Basil’s Cathedral. This landmark building has a captivating history behind it, and today is accessible to visitors as a museum. There are several interesting facts about it, such as the fact that it was commissioned by Ivan the Terrible as a monument to the victory in a fight against the Mongols, or another fact relating to its unusual architecture – indeed, it’s not one cathedral, but many churches sharing the same foundation.

Interiors of St. Basil’s Cathedral Tour takes you inside the ground floor of the building where you will see icons of St. Basil and learn about his life and miracles. Then we will walk up the steep ancient steps to the gallery and upper churches (who knows, maybe Ivan the Terrible walked the same steps?). Each church has a name and interior decorations, and we will study them all during the tour.

Languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and other foreign languages. 

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Interiors of St. Basil's Cathedral, 1 h, p.P                

  Every day except first Wednesday. Tickets, guide permit, booking fee and taxes included. 



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