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Private tours in Moscow by IWIR - Quality of your travel experience

Welcome to Moscow! One day you will also be able to say: “I have been in Russia“ and very important for me would be to hear you say: “It was inspiring, exciting and incredibly interesting!“ 

Let me introduce myself: My name is Julia. I am a German and English speaking guide in my hometown, Moscow, with the licences required for private tours in the city's museums. You can book here a private City tour, a Kremlin tour as well as your private Moscow travel program. Although since 2009 I am the managing director of my own Travel Agency IWIR (abbreviation of a catchy English name "I was in Russia" and German name "Ich war in Russland") and organize different thematic trips to Moscow, being a guide remains my loved main occupation.

As a preface I would like to quote a well-known Russian writer, Nikolai Gogol. In correspondence with his friends in 1845, he wrote: 

"Once you should make a journey through Russia. You knew the country as it was ten years ago but that is no longer sufficient. For ten years in Russia it happens always more than in any other country for half a century. ...“

I find these words have the same actuality today as 174 years ago and Moscow with its pulsating life is a perfect example. 

Where else, if not in gold-domed Moscow, can one possibly meet so much fascinating Russian history, architecture, culture and customs? Where else, if not in this fashion Mecca, a city of millionaires, can one encounter traces of Tsars, revolutionaries, Saints and oligarchs at once?

On this website you have the exclusive opportunity of making the acquaintance of this, your private guide, to discuss your CUSTOMISED journey before actually travelling to Moscow. Be it as an individual Moscow tours or in a group, as a senior journey, family travel or youth tour, you can plan your individual program and look behind the scenes. Send me an email and let me design the perfect journey for you.

Best regards from Moscow,

Julia Onichtchenko,
German and English speaking guide, 
Managing director IWIR Travel-Project.  


Email:, mobil: +7 916 854-17-29

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Julia Onichtchenko,
German and English speaking guide, 
Managing director IWIR Travel-Project

26-1-21 Sokolovo-Mescherskaja, 
Moscow, 125466, Russia.
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