Air-Balloon Festival in the Russian Province

We are happy to offer an opportunity to participate in this unique Russian-culture-meets-adventure event - the Air Balloon Festival taking place in the ancient Russian town of Pereyaslavl-Zalessky. 

This program takes two days, includes a balloon ride, various exciting activities and an overnight at a hotel in Pereyaslavl-Zalessky.

We offer two program options - they are basically the same, but one includes a balloon ride in the evening, and the other includes a balloon ride in the early morning.

Programme Option 1, July 18-19, 2020

On day one ca. 9am we leave Moscow in a private comfortable minivan or bus and drive 140 km North-West of Moscow to one of the cities of the Golden Ring of Russia. The road takes approximately 3 hours.

At around noon we arrive to the town of Pereyaslavl-Zalessky, and pay a short visit to the Peter's Boat Museum - here Peter the Great, future emperor of Russia, as a young boy, built a whole flotilla and played navy battles with his friends in the end of the17th century. This "amusement flotilla and army" was Peter's first step towards building a powerful navy St.Petersburg.

Lunch (included) on this day takes place at to the local cheese factory, all locally produced ingredients and of course, it includes cheese tasting.

After lunch at the cheese factory, we return back to town - with the stopover at Goritsky Monastery to take pictures or maybe take a walk around the Monastery grounds.

Around 17.00 (5pm) check-in at the hotel and some time for leisure. 

The whole evening is dedicated to baloon flying - including safety instructions. Each baloon cabin fits 4 passengers plus the pilot, and the ride takes about 45 minutes - 1 hour. Pictures and video coverage are provided by the event staff.

Evening and dinner at leisure at the hotel. Kiosks and cafes provide a great variety of food, and you have a chance to try another baloon (for an extra fee).

Day two we leave the hotel after breakfast and drive for a short time to see a unique narrow gauge railroad Museum. This road was used in the 19th and early 20th century to transport peat from the local peat bogs. The tour of the outdoor museum includes a brief history of the 19th century railroad engines, locomotives etc. The most adventurous can try a hand in driving a handcar - a scenic ride through the Russian forest! 

Before noon we reach the village of Svechino to see a local equestrian club. Here we examine all different means of conveyance - carriages and sleighs, take a brief horse driving lesson, and, of course, pet the horses!

Lunch at the equestrian club's restaurant (included).

After lunch we make a transfer to the most famous - and, probably, the most scenic Russian monastery with a rich history behind. Today, St. Trinity and Sergius Monastery is considered the centre of the Russian Orthodox Christianity and there are many people who call him a "Russian Vatican". The tour around the monastery grounds takes about one hour.

Back to Moscow around 19.00 (7.00pm).


Programme Option 2 available for July 16-17, July 17-18 or July 18-19, 2020

Day 1

9.00am - leaving Moscow

Tour of St. Trinity and Sergius Monastery

Lunch in Sergiev Posad 

Transfer to Pereyaslavl-Zalessky 

Tour of the city including the Goritsky Monastery 

Ca. 17.00 (5.00pm) check in at the hotel.

Evening and dinner at leisure 

Day 2

5.00am - safety briefing and transfer to the baloon ride location 

Balloon ride (45 minutes- 1 hour)

8.00am - back to the hotel, breakfast 

Peter's Boat Museum

Narrow Gauge Railroad Museum

Transfer to the Equestrian Club 


Horse driving master class

Museum of carriages and Russian sleighs

Drive back to Moscow (approx. 3 hours)

Ca. 20.00 (8.00pm) back to the city


Included into the both programme options:

- One balloon ride (4 persons per cabin) evening or early morning 

- One night at a 4-star hotel (double room occupancy) with breakfast 

- Lunch at a local restaurant x 2

- Private chauffeur driven vehicle return trip and all the transfers for 2 full days

- Private English-speaking (or any language of choice) guide for 2 full days

- Local guides where required, admission fees and guiding license for all the venues, museums and activities mentioned in the itinerary 

- Cheese tasting

Not included: dinner, extra balloon rides

Important note: Balloon Festival tour is offered as a private programme only. Please follow the link "send request" button, fill in the form stating which programme option and dates you prefer, or simply send us your wishes at