Spasskaya Tower International Military Music Festival in Moscow

Spasskaya Tower, biggest Military Tattoo of its kind, has been held right in the centre of Moscow, in Red Square, every year since 2008.

This tremendous show brings together military bands from many countries across the world to perform national and international classics ranging from military marches to rock and pop interpretations.

The whole military music festival takes place near Moscow's most famous historical sights - the ancient walls of the Kremlin, the iconic St. Basil's Cathedral, and fancy GUM luxury shopping arcade. Music is not the only highlight of the show - there are parades and waltzes, performances of national dance ensembles, laser and pyrotechnic effects, even an equestrian show - and to sum it all up, each night the performance finishes with gorgeous fireworks. All this makes it an event definitely worth participating.

Each year, some Russian or International guest star performs at the show. In 2017-2019 it was Mireille Mathieu, a French singer and culture icon. And the intrigue was who it will this year. So in 2021 Till Lindemann from Rammstein will sing on the Red Square.

The evening performance starts at 20.00 (8.00pm) but the ticket gives you an opportunity to enter the grounds at 18.00 (6.00pm) and this is exactly the time when the spectacular events take place, e.g. equestrian shows - from Cossac horseback riding stunts to Spanish dressage school demonstration.

"Spasskaya Bashnya" Festival runs for 10 straight days from 27th of August till 05th September 2021, and the price of the tickets varies depending on the location of your seat, specific day etc. Tickets for the Festival opening and closing dates usually cost more but these dates are also the time when special guests may be present at the show - from famous performers to top politicians, and, who knows, maybe you'll have a chance to see President Putin in person!

We offer tickets in any budget, but we recommend to choose VIP cards as they give you the best seats and best view as the marches and parades take place in certain area, with VIP zone all the performers will be right in front of you.

*All the rights to the photo and video materials belong to the Organizing Committee of the Spasskaya Tower International Military Music Festival LLC.