Top Incentive Ideas for Moscow

We are happy to offer a range of event programs and quests tailored to your budget and needs, for your company, rotary club, friends and colleagues. Below you will find just some ideas of unique activities for incentive programs in Moscow:

1. Ground Control to Major Tom

Immerse yourself into a truly unique experience based on a visit to the Star City Astronaut Training Centre or the Russian Mission Control Centre! Try on a real space suit, take a ride on the centrifuge with up to 3.5G load, chat with a Russian cosmonaut during a face-to-face meeting, sample space food, and enjoy a comprehensive tour of the Star City facilities. What you've seen in movies and on TV you'll get to experience live. 

2. Go Digital!

Explore the city with an iPad in hand, solve amusing video and photo riddles, guess a quiz and work out on the sightseeing gems all by yourself rather than listening to a guide telling you facts. This walking tour is a digital quest, that takes place outdoors around the most iconic Moscow sights, and would be an ideal team building event, with lots of fun, exercise, and knowledge.

3. A Russian Culinary Experience

Enjoy a cooking class based on traditional Russian food recipes or reinterpreted along the line of molecular cuisine. Use a unique chance to learn a practical skill under the guidance of a professional chef in a state-of-the-art kitchen studio, learn more about the Russian food and traditions and, of course, dance to the music and have lots of fun – as most of the Russian food goes well with vodka))) Sit down to a meal you have cooked yourself and enjoy good food and company. Professional photography can be organized on request.

4. The Treasures of the Russian Cultural Heritage

Explore the backstage of the famous Moscow theaters, learn the Russian ballet history, visit the ballet dancers training facilities, followed by a face-to-face meeting with a professional ballet dancer or opera singer. This activity is not limited to the Bolshoi theater only, and can be set up around other famous theaters, or the Moscow Circus. A other option is to have a private tour of a museum on its day off or outside official opening hours.

5. Touch the Moscow sky         

Take a helicopter ride around Moscow and marvel at architecture gems in its environs such as the New Jerusalem Monastery or Sergiev Posad City. This adrenaline rush experience is a great team building event - unique, memorable, exciting. 

6. Meet the Expert: Insider Opinion on the Recent Political and Economic Events

Join a talk/presentation delivered by a professional speaker to your team followed by Q&A session. Use a unique opportunity to get an insider opinion and analysis, a new approach and viewpoint to the most recent global events involving Russia, or simply to better understand this country – a riddle wrapped in enigma. Possible topics are (but not limited to):

- Putin’s Russia: a View from Inside

- Russian Economy Path: from the turbulent 1990s and shady privatization deals to the state capitalism of Putin’s Russia

- The Man Who Changed the World (on Mikhail Gorbachev)

This event requires renting a conference space, e.g. in a hotel, or it can take place at your office or even on a boat cruising the Moscow River.

These ideas are just a few inspirations for MICE activities in Moscow. If you would like to discuss any of the above programs or your own ideas, or simply look for another wow! effect for your Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Events program in Russia and its capital – Moscow, please do not hesitate to contact us at or fill the form below.