Tour of the All-Soviet Exhibition in Moscow

The All-Soviet Exhibition of Achievements of the Socialist Economy is a sprawling, 783+ acre landscaped park in Moscow with alleys, lawns, fountains, and exhibition buildings among them – but do not be misled by the name, these building looks no way near modern exhibition halls – these are pompous, intricately decorated structures designed in the so called Stalin Empire style.

It starts with a huge arch topped with a statue of a Worker and a Peasant (represented by a young man and woman, holding hammer and sickle respectively), and continues with the main alley leading to the main structure, a tall Art Deco building with a spire and a star on top, complete with the golden state emblem of the Soviet Union; a mandatory Vladimir Lenin is, or course, in the front. Behind you will find another marvel – the Friendship of Peoples Fountain with 16 golden figures of young women representing the republics of the Soviet Union and dressed in national costumes. Complete with the Soviet-era music broadcast through the loudspeakers, this park does really create a back-to-the-USSR ambience, and recently renovated Soviet-style monuments and structures look great in pictures. 

Languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and other foreign languages. 

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All-Soviet Exhibition Tour, up to 2h., p.P.


Soviet Moscow Tour*, up to 8h., p.P.


Back to the USSR, up to 8h, p.P.


  Every day except Monday. Guide whole day, admission to museums and sights, metro ride fare and taxes included. Lunch not included.