Kubinka Museum and Patriot Park Tour (Tanks museum in Russia)

This truly exciting, unusual out-of-town tour takes up one day. The Patriot Park is the facility of the Defense Ministry of Russia, built and run by the military. The Park is located 64 km to the West of Moscow, and today is represented by two sites, which are about 7km away from each other.

The first site which is known under its old name „Kubinka Museum” features one of the largest tank exhibitions in the world, and counts more than 300 tanks from WW1 and WW2 up to the newest designed during the Cold War, and almost half are fully functional!

The other, or new, part of the Patriot Park was completed in 2015 and now features huge pavilions housing tanks (such as Tiger and Royal Tiger seized in battles), APCs and other military hardware and weapons relocated from Kubinka Museum, museum pieces dedicated to space exploration, a reconstructed Reichstag and partisan village of the WW2 period, battle re-enactment site, and , to sum it all up, a huge, monumental, and opulent Orthodox Cathedral designed in khaki color, which is a marvel on its own right.

Highlights and activities include a tank cut in half exposing its interior and gear, opportunity to climb inside a tank or even the Vostok space craft (capsule) similar to the one used by Yury Gagarin, fire different weapons, drive war machine simulators, or even take a riding lesson (some of these options can be arranged only for an extra fee)

Your guide will pick you up at the hotel lobby in Moscow, and you will drive in comfortable private chauffeured vehicle to the location of the Patriot Park. Depending on traffic, the ride is about 1 hour.

After the arrival, your private guide will complete all the paperwork formalities, and a staff member of the Patriot Park will take you around the old Kubinka site and the newer part of the Patriot Park, and your private guide will interpret his or her narrative. After completing the Kubinka part you will be transferred to the Patriot Park and have a lunch break. We offer quick lunch in the Partisan Village – as the name suggests, it will be basic field kitchen food (included). Should you wish to have lunch in a restaurant, it can be arranged and has to be booked in advance. After lunch, the tour continues for another 1.5-2 hours and takes you around the facilities of the Patriot Park. At the end of the tour, your private car and driver will take you back to Moscow.

The total during of the tour is 7 hours. Should you wish to spend more time in Patriot Park or book extra activities such as firing different weapons at the shooting range, driving a military vehicle simulator etc., please let us know and we will give you a recalculated quotation.

Should you wish to make the tour more cost-efficient then you can book a taxi for the trip there and back. You guide will help you to do that. The quality and price of the taxi service will depend on the operator and vehicle class you choose, as well as traffic and time in transit.

Included: chauffeured driven car 7 hours, private guide 7 hours, admission fees for both locations and Patriot Park staff guides, basic field kitchen style lunch, parking fee, taxes.

Not included: extra activities such as shooting, military vehicle rides, horse rides etc.

Languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and other foreign languages.