The Diamond Fund of Russia

The Diamond Fund of Russia is located within the Armoury inside the Kremlin, but it is a museum of a different kind. Essentially, it is the extension of the State Treasury and belongs to the Ministry of Finance, therefore the tour to the Diamond Fund has to be arranged in addition to the Armoury Tour.

We can compare the Diamond Fund to the Tower of London, but to an extent. Like in the Tower of London, the Diamond Fund features the collection of Russian Crown Jewels, including the 4,5-pound Grand Royal Crown (1.907 gr) and other regalia studded with thousands of diamonds, among them the famous Orlov diamond of close to 200 karats in weight. However, in additions to the jewels once owned (and donned) by the Romanovs, the Diamond fund presents precious stones and metals mined on the territory of Russia – from emeralds and rubies to diamonds to rare nuggets of gold and platinum. We bet you’ve never seen so many diamonds in your lifetime – the total weight of diamonds in one of the showcases exceeds 6 kilos (12 pounds), or 30.000 karats; and if you wonder how platinum bullion and the biggest preserved golden bullion 36 kilos in the world looks like, sign up for the Diamond Fund Tour – we guarantee it will make you dazzled.

IMPORTANT NOTE: According to the regulations of the Diamond Fund of Russia all "tickets for the Diamond Fund with guide permit" can be arranged only in advance and in addition for a specific date and time slot. Admission to the Diamond Fund is done in sessions every 20 minutes from 10:00 till 13:00 and from 14:00 till 18:00. The guide permits number is always limited to 20 for the day. Please book your private Diamond Fund tour or Kremlin tour or Armoury Tour in advance. Once booked and confirmed by museums, the date and time of the tour cannot be changed, and no reimbursement on tickets and admission fee is offered.

Languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and other foreign languages.

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Number of participants 1 2 3 4 5 10 15 20
Kremlin with cathedral & Armoury & Diamond Fund, 4h, p.P. 330 € 200 € 155 € 135 € 125 € 99 € 88 € 80 €
Kremlin with cathedral & Armoury & Tickets for independent visit of Diamond Fund, 4h, p.P. 200 € 135 € 110 € 100 € 95 € 77 € 70 € 65 €
Kremlin with cathedral & Tickets for independent visit of Diamond Fund, 2.5h, p.P. 155 € 95 € 75 € 65 € 57 € 45 € 41 € 40 €
Kremlin with cathedral & Armoury, 3h, p.P. 169 € 109 € 90 € 80 € 75 € 59 € 53 € 49 €
Kremlin with cathedrals, 2h, p.P. 119 € 69 € 53 € 44 € 37 € 27 € 25 € 24 €

 Every day except Thuesday. Tickets, guide permit, booking fee and taxes included. If you need a transfer, we can organise this for you with pleasure.

Meeting point

Your guide will meet you near Kutafja Tower of the Kremlin (Tower N16 on the plan - this is the main Kremlin entrance) with the sign “Ich war in Russland”.