State History Museum Tour in Moscow

A prominent building in Red Square featured in many photographs, the State History Museum is an attraction on its own right.  We usually admire its intricate architecture, but indeed this place is worth a visit inside – big and spacious, no other museum would give you a more comprehensive and coherent overview of the Russian history from the times when giant mammoths roamed the Russian plan in the Ice Age until the Revolution of 1917.

The State History Museum was built on the initiative of Alexander III in 1883. As you enter, you will see the Grand Vestibule built in the imitation of the Medieval Russian Style; its key feature is the ancestral tree of all the Russian rulers – from the Rurik Princes until Alexander III Romanov who commissioned the museum.

The first floor starts with archeological discoveries on the territory of Russia as early as 30,000 years ago. The formation of the Kievan Russia State is well-covered, and the storyline continues through the Mongolian Invasion, Rise of Moscow, Time of Troubles and the end of the Rurik Dynasty.

The 2nd floor is dedicated to the 300 years of the rule of the Romanovs – covering the reforms of Peter the Great, the four illustrious Empresses of the 18th century – Catherine I, Anna, Elizabeth, and Catherine II the Great, and continues on through the 19th century. The economy, lifestyle of the different classes of the Russian Empire and the foreign policy of the Emperors (in this case, we mean wars to amass territory) are well covered and documented.

The exposition ends at the eve of the Revolution of 1917.

The private tour of the State History Museum in Moscow usually takes 2 hours. It can be attached to the walking tour of Red Square and/or private Moscow walking tour, and is the best way to visualize and build a clear understanding of the Russian History.

Museum is open every day from 10:00 untill 18:00 (Fr and Sa untill 21:00) and it is closed on Tuesday.

Languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and other foreign languages.

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State History Museum Tour in Moscow, 2 hours 129 € 75 € 57 € 48 € 43 € 39 € 35 € 28 €
State History Museum Tour in Moscow & Red Square, 3 hours 140 € 85 € 66 € 53 € 50 € 45 € 40 € 31 €


Private guide, tickets, admission fee for museum with a guiding permit, booking fee and VAT.

Meeting point

Your guide will meet you outside by the main entrance of State History Museum on the Red Square (Address: Red Square 1) with the sign “Ich war in Russland”.