Prices for Private Tours off the Beaten Track Moscow Russia

Prices for Private Tours off the Beaten Track Moscow Russia

How to ensure the best quality of your travel experience? When choosing a guide, ask for a license, find out how many years this person has been doing the job, make sure your guide’s language skills are adequate and he or she is knowledgeable in history and arts. And, further on, make sure this person is a native Muscovite. Yes, you can find cheap guiding services in Moscow, but most likely it will be a student without license practicing his or her language skills. It does not mean it will not be an enjoyable experience for you, but a guide book can do just the same. There is no use in deep knowledge of history and architecture if you cannot express complex ideas in a foreign language.

Usually, a good guide is a person who has higher education in linguistics, i.e. studied languages professionally, complete with education in history or arts. All our guides also work as interpreters and translators, and have near-native language proficiency. There are many tour providers in the market offering discounted prices. As explained above, it is usually done through compromise on quality. We only recommend and engage professionals whom we personally know, who can build a connection with their clients, adapt pace of the tour and scope of their narrative to the clients’ needs, and make a visit to Moscow a truly unforgettable experience. 

After all, it’s your choice. Go for the quality. Choose IWIR.

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Number of participants 1 2 3 4 6 8 10 20
Do like locals do: Everyday life in Moscow, up to 4 h, p.P. 365 EUR 215 EUR 145 EUR 110 EUR  85 EUR  75 EUR  65 EUR  49 EUR
Grand Royal Palace of the Kremlin, up to 2 hours, p.P.                
Bolshoi Theater backstage tour, up to 1.5 hours, p.P.  295 EUR  159 EUR  115 EUR  90 EUR  70 EUR  65 EUR  63 EUR  49 EUR
Tanks Driving and Shooting Programm, up to 7 hours, p.P.                
Air Force Museum in Monino, up to 6 hours, p.P.                
Gourmet Tour, up to 3 hours, p.P.                
All-Soviet Exhibition Tour, up to 2h., p.P.                
Back to the USSR, up to 8 hours, p.P.                
Soviet Moscow, up to 8h., p.P.                
New Tretyakov Gallery tour, up to 2 hours, p.P.  149 EUR  85 EUR  65 EUR  55 EUR  45 EUR  40 EUR 40 EUR 34 EUR
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Tickets and VAT included. Gratuities not included. Other prices 2022 on request.


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